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The Lone Star State Dulcimer Society (LSSDS) meets on the secoaturday of the month at 2:00 pm. (except May). The location for all of the meetings can befound at the link for the meetings (http:\\www.lssds.org\meeting.htm). All levels of players are welcome to attend the workshops including beginners.We keep business meetings to a minimum and reserve as much time as possible for a play-around and jam session.

A newsletter comes out about one week before the upcoming meeting. Deadline for inclusion in the newsletter is two weeks before the next meeting.

There is no cost for joining LSSDS

The LSSDS sponsors the Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival at Glen Rose's Oakdale Park on Mother’s Day weekend every year. Dana Hamilton coordinates and emcees the festival.

The reason this group exists is to encourage/teach the playing of these traditional instruments. All kinds of music is encouraged. The majority of the membership sticks pretty much to "traditional" sounds, but those are personal choices and we like to hear "new" things on "old"instruments... or "old" things we haven't heard before.

The meetings are open to all who come. You can find all levels of ability. Those who are a bit more advanced, now, remember quite well when they were first starting. Ask questions and introduce yourself around. Bring your instrument(s) learn/play music with us.

***********Special Note***********

January 2023

February at Oakdale Park In Glen Rose:  Last year's Jam at Oakdale Park went over so well, we wanted to continue this year.  So, February 11-12, 2023 we will be having a jam weekend in Hamilton Hall.  So spread the word.  Come and have a great time of music, etc.


For Information Contact:

Lone Star State Dulcimer Society
904 Houston St.
Arlington, TX 76102

or via E-Mail: [Mail Envelope Image]LSSDS

For general comments concerning this page or links to the festivals, please feel free to contact [Mail Envelope Image]David Turner .

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