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        **Denotes tunes for 2024 Glen Rose Performance      

Entire Club
Caleche Creek (Contact Cheryl Turner for a copy)
Camp Meeting on the 4th of July
Cotton Eyed Joe
Down the River I Go Uncle Joe
Hangman's Reel**
Loggieville 2 Step**
Old Horse and Buggy**
Old Joe Clark (tune)
Old Joe Clark (Lyrics)
Nail that Catfish to a Tree  (Contact Cheryl Turner for a copy)
Rock the Cradle Joe
Seneca Square Dance**
Skye Boat Song**
HD Only
Haste to the Wedding**
Soldier's Joy**
MD Only
Polka 2-1/2** (Contact Karl Neuman for a copy)
Rosewood Casket** (Contact Karl Neuman for a copy)