Lone Star State Dulcimer Society

November 2-3, 2018 - The 7th Old Mill Music Festival

Located in the heart of the Davy Crockett National Forest in Kennard, Texas. Musicians include: Rachel Eddy, The Purple Hulls, Spencer and Rains, Kristyn Harris, Stephen Seifert, Pipp Gillette, Roy Book Binder, The Vanderveer Brothers Stringband, The Laughing Lizards, Gaston’s Merrymakers, and Lloyd & April Wright. For more information: Lloyd Wright, Email: lloydfwright@gmail.com, Phone # (936)222-8895 or April Wright, Email: aprilewright1981@gmail.com, Phone # (936)222-3110. Or go to their web site.

May 10-12, 2019 - Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival in Glen Rose

Headliners are Cathy Barton and Dave Para, and Aubrey Atwater and Elwood Donnelly.