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October 8-11 - Winter Creek Reunion, Bennington, OK

Headliners are Joe Jewel HD, Atwater & Donnelly MD & Guitar and clogging, Ann Norris Auto Harp and Linda Thomas and Dan DeLancy on HD and Guitar. Of course we will have our own excellent local talent, Randall McKinnon (he has a new CD out!), Sweet Song String Band, The Wrights, Dana Hamilton and more.

There will be three-hour specialty classes on Thursday led by Linda Thomas on HD, Aubrey Atwater on MD, Ann Norris on Auto Harp and Dan DeLancy on Guitar. There is a $30 fee for these to be paid directly to the instructor at the workshop.

On Thursday evening, there will be an old-fashioned barn dance at 7 PM. There will be workshops and jamming on Friday and Saturday during the day and concerts Friday and Saturday evening.

This is a FREE festival. All you pay for are meals and merchandise. Mail in your registration form to reserve your T-shirt and other festival goodies.