Lone Star State Dulcimer Society

November 12 - LSSDS Meeting at First Christian Church, Irving

The LSSDS club meeting will be at the First Christian Church of Irving, located at 114 W. Grauwyler Road at 1 PM.

November 12 - RRVDC workshops and concert

Ted Yoder will be teaching a 3 hour workshop for the hammer dulcimers. In addition to this, Annette Lindsey will be teaching a 3 hour workshop for the mountain dulcimers. Annette's workshop will not be just learning tunes, but will be on different strum techniques, flat picking, etc. If you are not familiar with Ted Yoder, check him out on you tube. He is a winner of the national hammer dulcimer contest in Winfield.

There is no charge for these workshops! The hammer dulcimer workshop will be at Master Works and the mountain dulcimer workshop will be at the Lindseys' house.

The workshops are from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. then a question and answer symposium until 5:00 pm. Then we will have dinner and a concert. We will all chip in and we'll order pizza. Salad, and drinks will be furnished.