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What's New

Information on Lorimer's services is posted here.

Lorimer Arendse passed on Friday morning. We are still going through with the fundraiser as the needs of the family have not changed. Our prayers go out for his family.

An updated December 2017 newsletter is now posted.

RRVDC has invited the LSSDS to join them for a potluck at David's Dulcimer's, 654 Acorn Lane, Bennington, OK 74723 from 10:00 AM until ? This will be the January meeting date for both clubs. See the December 2017 newsletter for all the details.

The Lone Star State Dulcimer Society will meet on February 10th at the First Christian Church, 114 Grauwyler Road in Irving, Texas. Start time will be 1:00 for beginning workshops. See the December newsletter for more details. Pot Luck and business meeting will be sandwiched in between the workshops.

The new meeting schedule and map for 2017 is posted.